December 12, 2022 2 min read

Well before No_System was a thought, I was obsessed with Christmas music. If you've ever read or seen Nick Hornby's High Fidelity, that was the kind of music nerd that I was. I listened (and still do) to all sorts of things, but every year I would obsessively compile a compilation I called "Tis the Season to Be Cheesy."

Every year I would send more than 100 of these mix discs to friends and acquaintances who were into the same sorts of weird things. I loved finding pop curiosities, but I also loved unearthing some of the more bizarre songs I thought more people needed to hear. Cleaning up over the weekend, I stumbled on one of the discs in my archives. I thought people might like to listen to it.


What are the punk and rock Christmas songs that you love? I'll admit that I've listened to the Relient K Christmas album a few too many times. I'll also pull up Blink 182s I Won't Be Home For Christmas

There's a Cincinnati band called Over the Rhine that did an album called The Darkest Night of the Yearthat I've returned to many times. It's more of a calming Christmas album. I can't listen to it without thinking about driving through the dark streets of the Saint Paul, MN, suburbs I grew up in, Falling snow would always be illuminated by the streetlights. Maybe I'm remembering it in a more fairy tale way, but I always thought it was special and warming in a way that reminds me of that Danish Hygge. 

Another album I've gone back to (which is sadly not on Spotify) was called Noel. It was a group effort by a bunch of the obscure alternative Christian bands I was into. Babe In The Straw is the standout track.

 I threw some other albums that I've returned to over the years in a Spotify playlist. What are the Christmas songs that you love? Share them in the comments. Maybe someone will discover a new favorite. 

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