Adam Smith's Invisible Flag

We're big fans of the Punk Rock MBA YouTube channel and, as we were getting ready to put this collection out into the wild, they had a video that talked about what a cliché it is to do a parody of the black flag logo. We get it. It is. But hear us out because we don't think anyone has ever seen a hand coming out of the flags.

Adam Smith gets a bad rap. In our thinking about how the values of the economists we wanted to honor celebrated the "individual," there was no one we wanted to talk about more than Smith. Unfortunately, you probably only know him through The Wealth of Nations, and you probably only know about the invisible hand from The Wealth of Nations. Smith argued against mercantilism and governments printing money to inflate their debt problems away. He thought that currency based on metals (gold) put up a hedge of defense against that. In our current climate, bitcoin is a defense against the same thing. Can you name a country or organization that is intentionally increasing its money supply as a way of propping up an economy or making it's debt less valuable? We'll give you, oh, two seconds. That should be enough.

Smith said that devaluing money was punishing and damaging to people. He fought 'the system' of his time. He gets to be a punk, at least we think so.

The shirt, like most of our shirts, is printing on a Bella Canvas 3001. It's light; it's soft; it's comfortable. It's our favorite shirt.