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"I Will Cut You" Unicorn Enamel Pin

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There's a song by ska band Five Iron Frenzy called Battle Dancing Unicorns (With Glitter), go listen to it, we'll still be here. I'd like to think that in some alternate universe these little guys are having a West Side Story style dance-off with knives stuck to their horns. That sort of begs the question though, why does a unicorn horn need a shive taped to the top of it? Also, if they only have hooves, how did they manage to _strap_ a knife to it? Is their some sort of Unicorn cock-fighting type fight underground?

This rabbit, err unicorn-hole goes deep. Don't question it, just let the terror that getting gored by a knife wielding unicorn in your sleep protect you as you navigate the world. 

Approx 1x.75"

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