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Chaotic Neutral Enamel Pin

Speaking of "We live in a society" (for proper context, go read about our Black Cat Society pin, where do you find yourself on the Axis of Chaosity? We don't even think Chaosity is a word, but now that we've said it, it feels like the type of thing that someone who is truly Chaotic Neutral would want to exist in the world. No one is harmed by this bastardization of language except for the people who will have to update the dictionaries, but isn't it a small sacrifice on the parts of the people who find themselves on the Spectrum of Chaosity to make the lives of dictionary writers harder? For too long, they've lived lives of luxury as they force people to upgrade their yearly dictionary with terms mined from the dank recesses of urban dictionaries. No more, let us bring our chaos to them!

Not since the tower of Babylon fell will they have felt the neutral fury more than when we introduce our linguistic Chaosity to the system. Join us, or don't; we're neutral. We really only care enough about this to make you want to buy the pin.  

Approx size: 1"x1"

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