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Donut Cat

Do or donut, there is no try... unless you're a cat and you like doughnuts, and if you are, more power to you, but in this run-on sentence, all we'd like to convey to you is that this pin is cute, and it, and it's enameled donut goodness will make your life just a tiny bit sweeter. Look at those little button eyes– That little cute little mouth taking a bite of donut. It's a pin that will look great in all sorts of situations. Ok, it's a pin; it's not going to change your life, but who knows, maybe it will. And how will you ever know if you don't grab one for yourself? 😉😻

Approx size: .75"x1"

Pin Curiosities is our carefully curated collection of pins we think the community would dig. Every week we release two or more into the No_System store, and when they're gone, they're gone.