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Magic 8 Ball "Sashay Away" Enamel Pin


Sashay, not to be confused with the extraordinarily tasty grilled satay is an ostentatious walk. We didn't know that Magic 8 Balls had that kind of vocabulary, but you know, we'll allow it.

We're not sure how disembodied hands could shake the magic 8-ball to get an answer, (particularly if there's not gravity,how else are the hands floating in the air?), but, it's an enamel pin and we probably shouldn't overthink these things.

We do think it's cool though and you'll look at least 10% cooler if you wear this on your person. And, by person, we mean you. I suppose you could have another person that you wear it on, but that sounds complicated because now you have to keep a person around just to display your pins. Shouldn't they have some level of input as to whether they want to be used as a decorative object? 


Approx .5x1"

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