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Skate Eyeball Enamel Pin

We can't help, when we look at this eye, to think about the theme song to 1990's Skate Or Die 2 on the NES. Here, let us embed it for you to get the vibe. It's late 80s-tastic (we know that's not a word, but you're just going to have to work with us. Let our vocabulary fly free...)

Now that you've got the vibe in your head; think how cool you'll look with this on your jacket. Feel the wind in your hair as you drop into the bowl. Feel it working as a talisman as you suddenly feel leveled up. +2 for dexterity... then, the traumatic eye injury. Oh, the humanity, that eye flew. It almost felt like it was skating itself. It was sad, but in those few moments of glory before the optical nerve cut off, God was it glorious.

 Approx size: 1.25x1.25"

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