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Skateboard Dinosaur Enamel Pin

Sleeping dinos, rocking dinos, is it all that much sillier to think about skateboarding dinos? How do they even balance? With the primitive infrastructure of the prehistoric world were there even places where a skateboard could roll? what about wheels? We're not even sure that the wheel had even been invented it.

No bother. We're just going to imagine it's today and we're much closer to Tammy & The T-Rex than anything else. Just think about all the sweet tricks a dino could do with that tail? Of course, when it comes to the hand grab, that t-rex is out of luck. No easy airwalks for our dino. Maybe you should let the dino live vicariously through yourself. Wear it proudly when you drop into the bowl and let a dinosaur dream of flying through the air.     

Approx size: .6"x.1"

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