Badasses of Thought and Action: Rothbard Long Sleeve Tee

When we launched Badasses of Thought and Action earlier this year, there was one economist that was missing, Enfant Terrible, Murray Rothbard. All of the initial designs were very carefully paired with a punk band that we thought tied into their persona somehow, but what to do for dear Murray. Well, he is a bit of a misfit... 🤔

With his big persona, we thought that maybe channeling the bands that followed bands might be a better place to start and then we found Murray's glasses buried in a certain skull... 💥 Boom. Just like that, ROTHBARD has joined the world. 

The long-sleeved sibling of our super soft normal t-shirt, it's still super soft, just designed to keep your arms a little warmer in the winter of your discontent.