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Black Like My Soul Enamel Pin

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Do you like ghosts? Do you like pins? Do you like your coffee mucho negro? (Side note, if you're ever ordering brisket at a Rudy's BBQ meat counter? Ask for your brisket (fatty, God help you... that's where all the flavor is) "Mucho Negro". You can thank me in advance.) Well, if you like your coffee black and all of those other things, then do we have a pin for you. 

We always appreciate how we can go from screaming Banshee to Caspar the Friendly ghost with our morning dose of caffeine. We think it's worth honoring that experience with this classy black and silver pin. 

One enamel pin. Approx .75x1"

Pin Curiosities is our carefully curated collection of pins we think the community would dig. Every week we'll be releasing two more into the No_System store and when they're gone, they're gone.