Me Sarcastic? Never.l Enamel Pin

Can we stop for a second and appreciate how this pin can write out not just one but TWO sentences with just three words? That's more efficient storytelling than Hemingway's baby shoes. What if it turns out that Hemingway just had enormous feet and the baby shoes he was gifted never fit him? Why do we all have to leap to judgment and assume some tragedy just because they're for sale and haven't been worn? Maybe there's nothing to see here? Maybe this was much ado about nothing... or maybe, just maybe, Hemingway wishes he could have written "Me sarcastic? Never." instead.

It doesn't quite have the potential imagery of Baby Shoes, but you know, what can you do? I mean, he was only Ernest Hemingway. What did Ernest Hemingway ever do? Oh, is that sarcasm? 

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