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Imposter Syndrome Glitch Monocolor

Imposter Syndrome, if you haven't heard of it, is the idea that even though you're completely qualified to do something, you feel like you're a fraud. Some people experience it more than others, but in general, the smarter or more talented you are the more you feel like a fraud. Because of that, we don't think it's all that far off to say that Everyone You Admire Has Imposter Syndrome. If they don't, they probably are lying. And maybe knowing that other people struggle with the same things will let you be ok with walking through that feeling. 

In our new glitch series, we're exploring experimental typography and letterforms. As design geeks, we feel like there's art inside of letterforms. There's meaning in the words, but there's a beauty to the structure as well. We're attempting to look at that structure and the merging of digital and analog production processes to create something both abstract and unique. We think it's pretty cool. 

Because it's summer and summer should be more colorful. All of our glitch shirts are available in both a mono-color version and something we feel is like melting ink or ice cream. We think the splash of color really pops on a dark shirt.