Glitter Cat Skeleton Enamel Pin

You should have seen glitter cat in her prime... if you think her sparkly enamel bones are cool, all of her other black-souled self was just as funky. You know in the Counting Crows "Mr. Jones" where Adam Duritz says that Mr. Jones want to be just a little bit more funky? We can't prove it, but we think Mr Jones was thinking about Glitter Cat. Maybe someday it'll become a part of the Pin Curiosities Cinematic Universe. In the meantime, you can proudly display glitter cat and preach the gospel of glitter cat to anyone you stumble upon.* 

* No_System does not guarantee that people won't think that you're strange for spreading the gospel of Glitter Cat. **No_System would like to remind you that they do, however, have your proverbial back.

** Having should not be construed in any legal context. None of this product description, however glittery, should be construed as legal advice.  

One enamel pin. Approx 1.25"x.1"

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