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Vitiating Fraud

First off, we're not taking a side other than corruption is bad no matter who does it. Now that we've stated that, let's focus on the evil that is fraud and how destructive (vitiating) it is. Picture this, you have, in front of you, the most glorious sandwich you've ever seen. It's beautiful. As you gaze on the layer upon layer of the finest deli meat, cheese, and vegetables picked at the absolute height of ripeness, you can't help but start to salivate. It's a preprogrammed Pavlovian response.

Have you ever had a perfectly ripe tomato from a garden? It's a transcendent experience, unlike anything you can get from a store. That's the slice of tomato that's on this sandwich. You pick up the sandwich and (as we cut to one of those fantastical and impossible camera shots inside of your mouth as it opens and we see the sandwich coming towards us), we see that there's a smear of brown mustard on one of the pieces of bread. Of course, you've never loved brown mustard, but whatever. 

Then? Then you suddenly smell the brown mustard and... 

It's not actually mustard. It's fecal.

You could take the piece of bread off, maybe a couple of layers, but no. You can't trust the rest of that glorious, beautiful, decadent sandwich. Your love for that sandwich is now irrevocably tainted. Run away. You've got to get away. Tainted Love. That's what fraud does. Now. How bout a sandwich, or at least a snazzy t-shirt? 

As always, it's printed on our favorite soft t-shirt. Slightly structured but flattering on everybody.