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Music Monday - April 25, 2022

Happy Monday, everybody. We hope you had an excellent weekend. Brian, the No_System head muckety-muck (he needs a better title), is at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Vegas this week. Day job life has him doing a lot of motion design work, and he's stoked to be seeing people from the industry that he hasn't seen since before the pandemic. As part of that, he was out repping No_System last night. 

There's a song a weird Los Angeles based Christian new-wave band called Daniel Amos put out on their 1984 album Vox Humana called 
Home Permanently that has the line "Our hair points to the sky, the place I want to be" not sure if that speaks to Brian's hair last night. We also hear that it was awful cleaning up without any detangler.

The same band has a song off a later album that's probably inspired the way we write more than many other things. Give 
If You Want To a listen. There are some fantastic power chords in the song that can't help but get you excited. (or not, not everyone digs everything). 

Speaking of power chords, our new metalheads, Amongst the Triffids, have a new single out called 
Fear. We're excited to get some ATT merch up in the store soon. Wish them luck as they head in to record the last new track for their album this week. Rock on, y'all; we're rooting for you. Bring the metal. 

Because the music in this music Monday is ALL over the place, Max Richter, one of our favorite modern composers, has been releasing updates of his updates to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Check out the recording of 
Autumn 3

What have you been listening to this week?

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