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Cheesey Party Starter Resin Earrings

What is art anyway? What constitutes art and what constitutes commercialism? That's probably too deep of a conversation for earrings that look like snack packaging, but that's where we're at today. We stumbled on these and aside from being fanatics for that cheesy crunch, we just thought they'd look cool and figured we out to share... something that we almost never do with a real bag. 

Made of Acrylic Resin they're both colorful and light and will brighten up your wardrobe.

Approx size: .75"x1"
Closure: Fishhook 

About No_System

No_System is not just a punk streetwear brand. It's a tribe of rebels, misfits, and non-conformists. We create clothing that allows you to tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

Our Clothing Against Control declares war against the status quo. We're not content to be just another corporate brand. We're the freaks, the weirdos, and the outcasts. We don't care about fitting in. We care about standing out.

Our pieces empower you to be yourself, express your individuality, and tell the world to f*** off. We're not for the faint of heart. We're not for the timid. We're for the warriors, the renegades, and the free spirits. Join our tribe and become part of the revolution.