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Road To Weimar Hoodie

Somewhere there's a death metal band that's done a cover of the Talking Heads' The Road To Nowhere. There's not a lot of crossover between post-punk new wave and death metal, but the sentiment of Road to Nowhere isn't that different from the futility and angst of the average death metal song.

Ok, maybe not quite, but we're feeling like waxing rhapsoidcally about the Talking Heads. Have you seen David Byrne's American Utopia? It's quite good and a wonderful performance, but... ok, you know what, there's really not much in common between The Road to Nowhere and The Road to Weimar because we really don't want to wander towards Weimar.  Death Metal often acts as a warning or a cry for help or just futility, so let's just go with that. But, if you stumble on a metal cover of Road to Nowhere? Send it to us. I bet it's awesome.   

What does that have to do with Weimar? Goethe was a big fan of Weimar back in the roaring 1820s but after World War I, Weimar destabilized into hyperinflation as the printing presses churned out money. Quantititative Easing turned into Wheelbarrows full of cash. After the hyperinflation, well, then things got... nasty (or at least something that sounds like nasty. Read your history.)

We're not quite to the wheelbarrows of cash, but we're on the road to Weimar. Let's hope it's a long and winding route.