Not Greater Or Less Than Anarchy Design Classic Snapback

If you've ever done any programming or spent time working with equations, there are symbols that are like = but not quite. "Greater or Equal To", "Lesser or Equal to" are the most common, but we recently stumbled on a symbol that's almost irrational but really does exist: Not Greater Or Lesser Than.

People have value. No one is lesser, no one is greater. We talk about those beliefs in all sorts of ways, but it's a real distillation of the entire No_System philosophy. 

This snapback cap is stylish and structured, the logo gets a lot of people reacting to it and wondering what it is. If you love to talk to people, this is a conversation starter. If you don't, well, we hope you buy it because the sentiment of the icon means a lot to us, but we'd be not doing our duty if we didn't tell you that people will ask you what it means.