All I Want For Christmas Is Pizza Enamel Pin

You know, in this economy, maybe everyone should just want pizza for Christmas. Although, if that happened,  it would cause a massive disruption to the pizza sector and distort the market for pizza acquisition. We don't want people to have to move to a barter system for pizza. In Weimar, they tried to make pizza out of currency. (We don't actually know that's the case, but we read a fascinating article about all of the ways they DID use worthless cash the other day, and it wouldn't surprise us if someone decided to grate up a little just to see if they could use it as a topping.) So maybe instead of disrupting that pizza market, you instead just buy a pin for the sentiment. We don't care if you disrupt our market. In fact, we kind of want our markets to be disrupted. Have at it.  

Approx size: .75"x1"

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