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Drip Necklace

We dig the melted look of these gold and silver necklaces. There's a lot of fascinating shape language in nature, and these pieces of drip jewelry celebrate the look of dripping wet paint or the crown of a splash. Well, maybe not celebrate, but we thought they looked cool. Either way, it'll level up your outfit with something fun but can pass for a bit of fancy at the same time. 

Approximate size: 4.5"x7"
Material: Zinc Alloy


two happy women wearing a white Not Greater or Less Than t-shirt and a black t-shirt that has a punk girl on it and says "Less of a Pity Party, more of a Soirree of Frustration"

No_System is more than just a punk streetwear brand – it's a community of rebels, misfits, and non-conformists just like you. We craft clothing that empowers you to showcase your true self and stand up against the status quo. Our Clothing Against Control is a bold statement against corporate conformity and a celebration of individuality.

As part of the No_System tribe, you'll be in good company with fellow freaks, weirdos, and outcasts who don't just fit in – they stand out. Our clothing is designed for the brave, the unapologetic, and the free-spirited warriors who challenge societal norms.

By rocking No_System's apparel, you'll not only express your unique identity but also join a revolution that encourages authenticity and self-expression. So, stand with us, embrace your inner renegade, and become part of a movement that's changing the world, one bold outfit at a time.