Hayek - Serfdom Calling

Serfdom Calling to the suburban towns
Now war is declared and systems come down
Serfdom Calling to the plebes of the world
Come out to the thresher you boys and you girls...

Well, something like that anyway. Hayek's Road to Serfdom focused on the idea that centralized planning led to totalitarianism and not utopias. His assertion that economies are too complex for a centralized person to make complete informed decisions spoke into our technocrat-hating hearts. To us, that's punk. Liberty means championing the person versus the system that "knows what's best for him."

Side note, being based (or "Based" in Austin), No_System has always been amused that the music video for maybe the most famous single on London Calling, The Clash's Rock the Casbah, was filmed here. So, in a cheeky nod, we realized that a smashed guitar looks an awful lot like a thresher.

Printed on our favorite, soft, bella canvas 3001 t-shirt. Want to feel like you're wrapped in the not too warm and comforting hug of a t-shirt? This one gets pretty close.