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I Was A Teenage Zombie Cat Sticker Sheet

One Friday night, you're getting ready to go out for the night, and all of a sudden, a comet comes out of nowhere and turns you and your friends into zombie mutant cats. It's crazy and not cool at all, and a taste for human brains was never something that excited you. So what did our feline foursome do? They started a band! The Worst Night Evers is here to rock you. While rocking you, they may eat your brains, but they won't feel good about it. Every night since the accident has been its own new "worst night ever."

The Worst Night Ever's first EP will release in 2023; in the meantime, you can get their swanky portraits and loving eyerolls on our favorite comfortable t-shirt. But, of course, just because they're having the 'worst night ever' doesn't mean you need to.

Size: Approx 5x7 with 9 kiss-cut stickers