OMG! Speech Bubble Enamel Pin

Do you ever wonder if one-hit-wonder OMC ever beats himself up for not naming himself OMG instead? How bizarre that he passed off all of that licensing income for being off by one letter in his acronym. Of course, if he'd named himself OMG maybe we wouldn't have ever been gifted the song from the heavens that is How Bizarre.

Destination Unknown, as we pull in for some soon-to-be unavailable gas, this enamel pin with no reference to the song at all, tries hard to rhyme and gasps. The meter is weird, we're going to have to work on it. In the meantime, pick up a pin. It's got urple glitter which, ooh, baby, it's making me crazy. Every time I look around... eh, this is all a stretch. Buy a pin! 

Approx size: 1"x.5"

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