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Soiree of Frustration Patch

We're always going to be fans of recontextualizing language and making it more powerful. For a specific example, let's look at "pity party". Pity party is really demeaning and demoralizing if you think about it. You know what isn't? A soiree of frustration. One simple turn of phrase and now we can pivot towards strength. So, how bout it? Who's up for a little soiree? We're all experiencing a soiree of frustration right now on some level. 

With our new patch collection, you can very inexpensively add a little No_System flair to your battle gear. We think it'd look pretty badass.

Why not add a little geek cred with your street cred? Ok, that sounds cheesier than we initially meant it, but you should totally grab one for yourself.