Thomas Sowell Was More Than A Minor Threat

Thomas Sowell was never a Minor Threat. We tend to think that, at least to the establishment, he was a major threat. The origin of our Badasses of Thought and Action collection came from an interview in the Thomas Sowell documentary, "Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World." The person being interviewed talked about how he grew up in the hardcore punk scene and how stumbling on to Sowell's interviews on YouTube made him realize how much of the punk DIY ethic he could see in Sowell's values: and thus, the concept for a shirt collection began.

We have to admit we thought we'd be a little cheeky and pair Thomas Sowell up with Minor Threat, the band that sparked the straight edge movement. Straight Edge pushed against substance abuse in the punk community and was in its way extraordinarily countercultural. It's our small way of honoring someone that we look up to.

The shirt, like most of our shirts, is printed on a Bella Canvas 3001. It's light, it's soft, it's comfortable. It's our favorite shirt.