Totally Radical Skateboard Cats: The Shirt

Here we go…it’s the not-so-lean, not-so-green, Totally Radical Skateboard Cats team. They tried to take on the anthropomorphic turtles’ responsibilities after they retired, but they seem to prefer taking naps on the job and blaze a fatty catnip. That being said, the position for “Saviors of the world” is still open, so please drop your CVs. In the meantime, the Totally Radical Skateboard Cats released some awesome merch. This unisex t-shirt is one of the top sellers, so hurry up and grab it!

Printed on our favorite, soft, and stretchy Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt. You know the drill: it’s unisex, the fit is classic, so it looks awesome on everyone and makes for an excellent gift idea for that friend who loves edgy clothes.