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Vincent and his Ear Enamel Pin

There's a band that started out of Athen, GA that once wrote quite lovingly about Vincent Van Gogh and his ear. The whole song is worth a listen, but here's the first verse:

Now I'd seen him despondent
A few times as of late
Sometimes the answer that love gives
Is the hardest one to take
I know he was prone to paint
The voice of his own fear
So vincent he picked up the blade
And he put it to his ear
Bill Mallonee, Skin (off of the Vigilante of Love's Blister Soul)

We wonder if Vincent might have wanted an undo button like the Pin Curiosities Ctrl-Z pin. Is ear dismemberment for love a valid choice? We don't have any answers, but we do have an enamel ear that you can lovingly pin on to your favorite battle jacket. And if you're looking for some emo-alt country, you could do worse than pulling up some of the Vigilantes of Love and Bill Mallonee's solo work. He's been super prolific, but one song we're quite partial to is The Kids On Drugs.  

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